How Do You Care for Fuyu Persimmon Trees?


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Providing adequate water to Fuyu persimmon trees is one of the most critical aspects of their care, as is maintaining an evenly-pruned branch system that allows for enough light to reach all parts of the tree. However, Fuyu persimmons rarely require additional fertilizer unless the tree is failing to grow or its leaves are losing their color. Applying approximately 1 pound of a balanced fertilizer per inch of tree diameter in late winter often solves these issues.

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Fuyu persimmon trees require between 36 and 48 inches of water per year and may not receive enough water from rainfall in dry climates or during the summer months. It is advisable to irrigate a Fuyu persimmon during any period where there is a lack of significant rainfall to avoid the loss of leaves and fruits before they are ripe.

Maintaining the entire tree's access to sunlight via pruning is also especially important, as the thick foliage of the Fuyu persimmon can be problematic if left unchecked. Selecting six to eight evenly-spaced branches to compose the main branches of an open-vase style tree and pruning any additional unwanted or upward-growing shoots is the most effective way to ensure that all parts of the tree receive adequate light. It is also important to make sure multiple Fuyu trees are spaced at least 20 feet apart to prevent them from competing with each other for light, water and nutrients.

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