How Do You Take Care of a Fuschia Plant?

Fuchsia plants require regular watering and fertilization. Hotter temperatures require more frequent watering, but the fuchsia should be planted in a pot with adequate drainage to avoid root rot. Fuchsia should be fertilized every two weeks, stopping fertilization in late summer to prepare the plant for winter. The gardener should trim the branches back to increase the number of blooms and bring the plant inside before the first frost.

Fuchsia plants are very delicate, requiring partial sun to shade. Too much sun weakens the plant and prevents full development of the flowers. As a perennial, fuchsia plants provide enjoyment from one year to the next with the right care during the winter months. When bringing fuchsia inside for the winter, the gardener should prune the branches back to 6 inches from the soil's surface, making the cuts at leaf nodes. All the leaves should be removed from the plant, which should be placed in a dark location.

The gardener should check the roots of the plant in the spring. If the plant has become root bound, it should be replanted in a larger container. Before repotting, the root ball should be dunked in water. The plant should be moved outside for a few days, then returned inside at night. Once the plant has adjusted to the outdoors, it can be hung in a semi-sunny area.

  1. Place the plant in a good location

    Place the plant in a location that is in the shade or only receives direct sunlight part of the day.

  2. Mulch the soil

    Add a thick layer of mulch to the soil around in the plant in order to keep the dirt moist. The fuchsia plant requires moist soil for optimal growth.

  3. Water the plant

    Water the plant regularly once the soil starts to feel dry.

  4. Fertilize the plant

    Dilute soluble fertilizer with water, and feed the plant every two weeks. Every four weeks, use a high-phosphorus fertilizer. Stop fertilizing the plant after the growing season.

  5. Prune the plant

    Use the pruning scissors to deadhead spent and fading flowers. Cut back long and straggling stems to the length of the rest of the limbs.

  6. Winterize the plant

    Before the first frost in the fall, prune the plant, and remove the leaves. Move the plant indoors, and water the plant with 1 cup of water. Keep it in a location with a temperature between 45 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit.