How Do You Care for a Frosty Fern Plant?

Caring for a frosted fern requires you to place the fern a in shady, humid location and then regularly provide it with water and high-nitrogen fertilizer. All you need is spend a few minutes every day to ensure that your frosted fern stays healthy inside and out.

  1. Choose a shady spot for the fern

    Place the frosted fern away from direct sunlight. This prevents the sun from burning the fern.

  2. Ensure a humid environment for the fern

    Fill a tray with pebbles, and place the frosted fern on top. Pour water over the pebbles throughout the day to keep the environment cool. Frosted ferns require a certain amount of humidity and require a constant source of moisture near them.

  3. Water the fern twice every week

    Provide water to the fern twice during the week to maintain its vibrant appearance. Take care not to drown the plant. To help ensure that the plant retains a healthy amount of water, make a few holes in the bottom of the fern's sleeve to allow any excess water to drain.

  4. Fertilize the fern

    Feed the fern some diluted, high-nitrogen fertilizer once a week. Fertilizer is especially important especially while the fern is still in its growing stages.