How Do You Care for a Frangipani Flower?


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Care for a frangipani by placing the plant in a frost-free location, exposing it to partial sun and watering it only once every few weeks. The frangipani tree requires a period of dormancy during the winter and a series of feedings during the spring and summer.

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How Do You Care for a Frangipani Flower?
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Plant the frangipani plant in a pot if you live in an area where the ground freezes, since the plant can't survive in extreme cold. Use well-drained potting mixture with perlite and cactus mix to prevent moisture from rotting the roots. Place the tree in a dry location exposed to only eight hours of partial sunlight per day. For instance, use a spot that offers morning sunlight and afternoon shade, especially during hot weather. Once the outside temperature reaches 32 degrees Fahrenheit, move the plant indoors to prevent cold damage.

Only water the frangipani tree every two weeks during the growing season and far less during the winter to allow the plant a period of dormancy. During this time, only water the plant when the soil completely dries out. Fertilize the tree every three months from spring through the fall using high-phosphorus water-soluble plant food such as 10-30-10 blend fertilizer. Regularly remove any broken, damaged or diseased limbs using bypass pruners.

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