How Do You Take Care of Fortune Plants?

Care for a fortune plant by providing water and pebbles or light, moist, well-draining soil as a growing medium. Position the plant so that it receives bright but indirect sunlight, as long periods of full sun scorch the leaves.

Fortune plants, also known as lucky bamboo plants, are relatively easy to care for. They need pebbles with a bed of water or well-draining but moist soil. Place pebbles in a pot to a depth of 2 inches and add water, barely covering the surface of the pebbles. Deep water that sits against the stem of the fortune plant causes rot. Place the plant among the pebbles and shift the pebbles around until the plant remains standing.

Each week, drain away the old water and gently wash the stones and stems to reduce the risk of algae or rot taking hold. If you have low chlorine levels in your tap water, it is suitable for use with your lucky bamboo. For best results, especially in areas with higher chlorine levels, leave a jug of tap water to sit overnight to allow the chlorine level to decrease before adding the water to your plant. Use standard house plant fertilizer to feed the plant once per month, but be sure to dilute it correctly to avoid burning the stems or roots with an excessively high nitrate concentration.