How Do You Care for a Fireglow Japanese Maple?

care-fireglow-japanese-maple Credit: horsepunchkid/CC-BY-2.0

Care for a fireglow Japanese maple by making sure it gets the right mix of sunlight and shade, using the right type of soil, fertilizing it, mulching it and lightly pruning it. You need well-drained soil, fertilizer, nitrogen, mulch and pruning shears.

  1. Give the plant enough sunlight

    Plant the fireglow Japanese maple in a location where it can receive the right amount of sunlight and shade. It needs dappled shade during the afternoon and light during the morning. Too much shade results in poor flowering.

  2. Use the right soil

    Use the right soil when planting your maple. It needs well-drained soil that is either sandy or loamy. It should be slightly acidic.

  3. Fertilize the plant

    Because the maple needs plenty of nutrient-rich soil, fertilize the plant regularly if the soil is poor. Use liquid or slow-release fertilizer. If the soil is rich in organic matter, occasionally add nitrogen to the soil to promote growth.

  4. Mulch the maple

    Mulch the maple every two years. Use manure or garden compost. Make sure to keep the mulch away from the trunk of the tree.

  5. Lightly prune the tree

    Avoid heavily pruning your Japanese maple because it can decrease flower production. Shape the branches with light trimming after the tree blooms for the year by removing crossed shoots. The early fall is usually the best time for this sort of pruning.