How Do You Take Care of Fig Trees in the Winter?


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There are two methods for taking care of fig trees in the winter; either plant the trees in large containers and roll them inside for the winter or wrap the trees to protect them from cold temperatures. Once fig trees lose all their leaves, it is time to winterize them.

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Store fig trees planted in containers in a cool, dry indoor location such as a garage or basement. Water the dormant trees about once a month. When the temperatures outside are consistently over 35 degrees Fahrenheit, move the trees back outside.

Wait until fig trees planted in the ground lose all their leaves, then prune them. Remove unhealthy or dead branches. Tie together the remaining branches into one big column. Wrap each tree in layers of burlap, but leave an opening at the top so the tree does not rot.

Place a thick layer of mulch on the ground around each tree. Build a chicken wire cage around the tree and fill the cage with straw or leaves. Wrap the outside of the cage with bubble wrap or plastic insulation and put a plastic bucket on top of the wrapped tree. Remove all the wrapping when temperatures are consistently above 20 degrees Fahrenheit at night.

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