How Do You Care for a Fig Tree in Winter?


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Begin the process of preparing a potted fig tree for winter by tapering off watering the tree about 2 weeks before the average date for a first frost, advises Garden Guides. Allow the tree to go through a couple of light frosts outside. After all of the leaves have dropped off the branches, use a dolly to bring the tree into a garage or storage shed.

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Choose a storage area that will remain near freezing throughout the winter but will not get colder than 20 degrees Fahrenheit, recommends Garden Guides. Remove any insects and remaining leaves from the tree, and then spray the tree trunk and branches with a coating of dormant oil, available at garden centers. Loosely wrap the fig tree in burlap, and secure the burlap with sturdy twine.

If the winter storage area receives regular daylight, wrap the outside of the burlap with a dark fabric, and secure the fabric with twine. Check the soil in the pot regularly. If the soil feels dry, water the fig tree with rainwater. Once the outdoor temperatures return to above 32 degrees Fahrenheit, unwrap the bundled tree. Use a dolly to move the fig tree to a warm, sheltered outdoor location.

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