How Do You Care for a Fake Animal Skin Rug?


The first step in caring for a fake animal skin rug is to consult the tag on the rug for the best care instructions. In general, a rug with fake fur or hide should be kept free of debris with a soft bristled brush and dry-cleaned when laundered.

According to eBay, overwashing a synthetic animal skin can cause it to diminish in shine and change in texture. Gently brushing the rug once a week to remove any debris can keep it clean with minimal washing. Hard bristles should be avoided, as they can damage the material and lining of the rug.

It's best to bring the rug for dry-cleaning, but it's possible to wash it at home with the proper care. An approved cleaning solution specifically for faux furs is necessary. Soaking the skin in water should be avoided, because water can permeate through to the lining and ruin the fullness and luster of the material. As an alternative to an approved cleaning solution, a gentle detergent can be used, but hand-washing should be done with minimal water at a cold to warm temperature, followed by air-drying. Agitation and heat are faux fur's worst enemies that can cause the fur's fibers to contract and curl. Leaving the rug on a flat surface prevents the weight of the water to distort parts of the fabric as it dries. Air-drying is most effective when done in an area with good ventilation or a fan.