How Do You Care for Evergreen Viburnum Plants?


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Evergreen viburnum, a shrub with multiple varieties that can reach up to 20 feet in height, requires little specialized care to thrive. Water evergreen viburnum shrubs during dry periods, and apply mulch around the plant to lock moisture into the soil and minimize the amount of watering required. While not necessary, a slow-release fertilizer can be added to the soil around the bush to increase growth.

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An evergreen viburnum should be pruned once a year to remove dead, diseased and damaged branches and to shape the shrub. Evergreen viburnum shrubs thrive in full sun, but they can also adapt to a partial sun location. While the shrub can grow in numerous different conditions, it does best in fertile, well-drained soil.

Evergreen viburnum flowers can range from white to all shades of pink. Typically, the shrubs bloom in early spring. Commonly called a "cranberry bush" due to its ornamental cranberry-like flowers, the evergreen viburnum is used as a decorative plant in landscaping. Because the shrubs make excellent border plants and have impressive blooms, they can be used as a focal point in many diverse landscapes. Many types of evergreen viburnums also produce berries that change colors throughout the season, adding to their visual appeal.

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