How Do You Care for an Evening Primrose Plant?

Evening primrose plants require regular watering, pruning and fertilizing to maintain their beauty. Caring for this plant requires a watering hose or can, fertilizer and pruning shears. Caring for the plant takes less than 30 minutes a few times a year.

  1. Water the plant

    The evening primrose does not need much water. It grows best in dry, open areas. Check the soil around the primrose. If the soil is dry to the touch, water the primrose two or three times a week. Make sure the plant is in well-drained soil, and water until the top one to two inches of the soil is moist.

  2. Prune the flowers

    Trim dead flowers from the plant to encourage reblooming. The evening primrose is known for taking over a space if the flowers are allowed to go to seed. Planting the flowers from seed is the best way to start them in a garden. Prune out any dead growth to maintain the appearance of the garden and to give the plant room to breathe.

  3. Fertilize the plant

    When the plant is flowering, apply an all-purpose liquid fertilizer once a month. An application of manure to the area in the spring can keep the flowers growing well all season long.