How Do You Care for an English Ivy Houseplant?

English ivy houseplants thrive with the correct amount of sunlight, water, fertilizer and pest control. Ivy loves sunlight and it grows best in a north or east facing window, though it also does well under fluorescent lighting. Water it when the soil feels dry and fertilize during the growing season with a fertilizer high in nitrogen.

Ivy is commonly grown as a hanging plant, though it is also used as a trailing accent plant in pots. It can be propagated in the spring by taking 3-to-4-inch stem tip cuttings and rooting them in moist soil or water. Once a plant has outgrown its container, it should be transplanted to a new pot just large enough to hold the roots. Placing English ivy in a pot that is too large encourages root rot. Pruning, which is trimming the branches back to the desired length, can be done at any time. Wash the plant periodically, spraying with lukewarm water to dislodge pests such as spider mites. Wear gloves when working with the plant. It can cause skin irritation and is poisonous if ingested.