How Do You Care for a Dwarf Cherry Tree?


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Dwarf cherry trees should be planted in early- to mid-spring before they are due to bloom and fruit. Because most dwarf cherry trees are grafted to a root system of a different plant, care should be taken to place the plant so that the graft seam between the natural trunk of the cherry tree and the root system is 3/4 inch above the soil.

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Once the plant is seated and the roots have been covered with soil, apply a 3- to 4-inch layer of mulch around the base of the tree to keep weeds from growing and to help the tree retain moisture. Take care to leave a 1-foot ring of bare earth around the base of the tree.

Dwarf cherry trees should be fertilized with a low nitrogen, balanced fertilizer in the spring. Stop applying fertilizer when cherries begin to appear on the tree. Continue fertilizing the tree after harvesting the fruit.

Prune the tree during late winter or early spring in order to encourage it to bear fruit. The fruit of dwarf cherry trees grows outward from the base of the leaf stems. These points of growth are called spurs, and care should be taken to retain as many spurs as possible on the tree in order to encourage future growth. Remove branches that are intersecting one another or that are excessively rubbing up against other branches in order to give the tree space to grow.

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