How Do You Care for Desert Rose Flowers?


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To care for desert roses, place them in full sun with light shade and inside in areas where winters are frosty. Use containers that have drainage holes with potting mix that drains well. Water it regularly in the spring and summer, but do not allow the soil to be constantly wet.

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Plant desert roses in bowl-shaped containers that are a little bigger than the roots. Plan to replant the roses every year or two until they reach the size you desire. The desert rose is dormant in the winter and only needs to be watered once a month in 50 degrees Fahrenheit, or not at all below 50 degrees. Use a balanced fertilizer weekly during the spring and summer.

Prune desert roses during the spring and summer, and shape the plant to the desired height and width while maintaining the structure. Use protective gloves and clothing to prevent the toxic sap produced by the plant from irritating your skin. Clean the shears after pruning with alcohol.

Desert roses are susceptible to aphids, mites and mealybugs, especially if the plant is grown indoors. Check the plant weekly for bugs and other pests. If found, first wash the bugs off of leaves using a high powered water spray. Remove mealybugs or aphids with soapy, damp soft cloth.

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