How Do You Care for Cymbidium Orchids?


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Caring for cymbidium orchids is relatively easy after finding a place for the plant where it gets the proper light and remains within its temperature range throughout the year. To feed the plant, use high-nitrogen fertilizers from February to July and low-nitrogen fertilizers from August to January.

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  1. Choose location

    Cymbidium orchids like to remain in a permanent place throughout the year. Avoid moving them around your house or out in your terrace. Once the plant becomes used to a certain location, it thrives best there. Cymbidium orchids prefer morning or afternoon light and should be protected from midday sun, so choose a spot accordingly.

  2. Water sparsely

    The frequency of watering your cymbidium orchid may vary according to the season and location. Do not allow the plant's potting material to go dry, but do not let it get soggy either. Fully drain after watering.

  3. Feed the plant

    The cymbidium orchid thrives with monthly feeding of high-nitrogen fertilizer from the late winter to early summer and low-nitrogen fertilizer from late summer to early winter. Re-pot the plant every two or three years and place them in a well-draining medium such as fine bark. A finer medium also works well in warmer climates.

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