How Do You Care for Copper Sinks?


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Copper sinks require very little maintenance and should be gently cleaned with mild soaps. Avoid abrasive products and harsh chemicals when cleaning and caring for a copper sink.

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Copper sinks are environmentally friendly, durable and low-maintenance. Copper has a living patina which means the finish, whether natural or applied, continues to evolve over time. Acidic foods and harsh chemicals break down the patina finish and ruin copper sinks. These acidic substances leave shiny spots in the finish. Thompson Traders recommends cleaning a copper sink with ordinary dish detergent and a soft cloth or sponge. Chemical drain cleaners also break down the finish of a copper sink. Use a drain snake or similar tool to clean clogged drains without harsh chemicals.

To protect the integrity of a copper sink, some consumers choose to wax or lacquer the sink. A lacquer finish should be applied by a professional, but waxing and copper cream polishing are both options for do-it-yourself use. To protect the copper sink with wax, apply a high-grade plumbing wax or a carnauba wax regularly, reapplying when water no longer beads up on the surface of the sink. Copper polish helps restore a dark copper sink back to its original shiny finish. Be sure to reapply wax after polishing.

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