How Do You Take Care of a Copper Sink?


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Caring for a copper sink is not difficult, in fact, copper sinks are almost maintenance free. For basic cleaning, use mild soap and water. No specialty cleaners are necessary.

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Although caring for and maintaining a copper sink is easily manageable, harsh chemicals and acids damage copper, so avoid leaving acidic fruits and harsh cleaners in a copper sink. Additionally, if the copper is often exposed to water that is high in mineral content, periodically wiping the sink prevents spotting on the surface of the copper. To further protect a copper sink, apply wax that is specifically made for copper. Applying wax to helps maintain the its luster and provides a faster water runoff. The appearance of a copper sink naturally changes over time. The patina, which is a natural tarnish that appears on copper as a result of oxidation, is a living finish that changes throughout the life of the copper. Applying wax often and polishing the sink keeps it looking shinier, and prevents the development of the patina.Simply cleaning the sink occasionally with soap and water and not using wax naturally develops the patina, giving the copper a burnished glow. Copper sinks with nickel-plated inlay should only be cleaned using special materials because certain cleaners remove the nickel from the sink and others, such as metal cleaner, damage the copper itself.

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