How Do You Care for a Confederate Jasmine?


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Confederate jasmine is a vine plant characterized by its delicate, white, star-shaped flowers. It blooms in the late spring and can grow up to 20 feet tall. To care for this plant, water it regularly, add compost, support the vines, prune the flowers, and apply fertilizer. You need leaf mold, plant ties, pruning shears and fertilizer.

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How Do You Care for a Confederate Jasmine?
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  1. Water the plant

    Water the plant at least once per week whenever the top layer of soil starts to dry out. When watering, penetrate and moisten the soil up to 8 inches deep.

  2. Add compost

    Use leaf mold as compost for the jasmine plant. Spread 2 inches of the mold around the area where the roots are growing. Repeat this process annually.

  3. Support the vines

    Once the plant starts growing, use plant ties to support the vines against a trellis. Loosely add a tie every 8 inches along the vine.

  4. Prune the flowers

    Prune away the top buds of the vine every spring in order to encourage growth. After flowering, trim away stems to the desired length. Cut away dead and damaged growth during the winter or early spring.

  5. Apply fertilizer

    Fertilize the soil every spring using a 12-4-6 fertilizer. Make sure to leave 6 inches of space between the fertilizer and the base of the plant.

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