How Do You Care for Clivia?

How Do You Care for Clivia?

Caring for clivia begins with the provision of enough bright sunlight. Water your plants thoroughly during the growing season but using small amounts of water. Avoid over-watering as this can make the clivia rot. Give your plants a period of rest at least once every year. Fertilize your plants monthly using a water-soluble fertilizer, and repot them after every two to three years.

  1. Provide necessary light

    Put your plants in an area where they receive bright daylight but little or no direct sunlight: for instance, partially shaded by a deciduous tree. During the summer, set your plants outdoors in a shady location. However, remember to take them back to the house before the temperature drops.

  2. Provide enough water

    Water the clivia plants thoroughly during the growing season. However, do not overwater the clivia, as they grow well in dry pots. Potting mix that is too wet causes the plants to rot, thus causing the leaves to appear pale green. Avoid watering the plants on a weekly basis; only water when it is needed.

  3. Apply fertilizer

    Apply a water-soluble fertilizer to your plants once they bloom. The blooming period begins from April to August and ends at mid-September. Applying fertilizer improves the health of the clivia and makes them shiny. Do not over-fertilize, which can harm the plants.