How Do You Take Care of a Clematis Fireworks Plant?


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A clematis fireworks plant requires a sunny location, regular watering, removal of any damaged or tangled limbs, and the addition of mulch to keep the roots moist. It also needs fertilization once a year.

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Select a location for the clematis fireworks plant that receives plenty of sunlight and a support structure such as a wall, arbor or fence for the growing vines. As the plant grows, use twine to gently tie the branches to the structure to encourage climbing. Water the plants once a week when the soil starts to feel dry, making sure to moisten several inches of the soil. Spread a 3-inch layer of organic mulch around the base of the plant to help keep the soil and roots cool.

Feed the plant once a year in the early spring using a granular fertilizer. Water the plant immediately after fertilizing to keep the fertilizer from burning the roots. Regularly cut back any damaged limbs, and remove tangled vines. Once the plant starts to grow too dense, prune back some of the limbs to allow for better air circulation. If the plant shows signs of a fungal infection or rot, keep the crown of the plant free of mulch and thin out the limbs, while treating the mildew with a fungicide.

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