How Do You Care for Chinese Paperbark Maple Trees?


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To care for a Chinese paperback maple, plant the tree in well-drained soil in an area that gets some sunlight and prune the tree while it is dormant. Add some mulch to the base in the spring.

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The Chinese paperback maple comes from China, but it is a popular ornamental garden plant in many different countries. The tree gets its name from its paper-like bark, which peels back in coils. Full-grown trees can reach an average height of 20 to 30 feet tall, but they tend to grow very slowly. Gardeners can care for Chinese paperback maple trees using the following steps.

  1. Plant the tree in an appropriate place
  2. Chinese paperback maple trees prefer sunlight, so plant the tree somewhere that gets full or partial sun. The soil in the area should be well drained. Although these trees like moisture, they do not like to be waterlogged.

  3. Prepare the soil
  4. Although Chinese paperback maple trees can do well in a variety of soil types and pH levels, but they grow best in neutral or slightly alkaline soil. If the soil in the garden is acidic, adding lime or wood ash can help neutralize the acidity.

  5. Add mulch
  6. After planting the tree, add mulch to the base. Add new mulch each spring. This helps keep the soil moist.

  7. Prune regularly
  8. Prune Chinese paperback maple trees while they are dormant. Pruning during the growing season can cause them to bleed.

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