How Do You Care for a China Girl Holly Shrub?


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Holly plants require full sunlight to thrive and should be watered modestly, depending on the weather. During dry periods, they should be watered on a weekly basis. They should be grown in mildly acidic, well-drained soil with plenty of loam. For additional drainage, organic material can be added.

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To prevent winter harm to the roots, several inches of mulch should be applied as far as the branches reach. Fertilizing during the spring and fall helps holly plants to flourish. Care should be taken to avoid pruning holly plants past the growth bud.

Pests can be treated with an insecticidal soap or horticultural oil. Fungal diseases may require the infected areas to be removed. Holly plants can be susceptible to environmental diseases, which are usually caused by physical damage, a lack of nutrients, a dry spell or changes in temperature.

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