How Do You Care for a Cedar Tree?


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To care for a cedar tree, mulch around the tree regularly and remove diseased branches from the tree. Little else needs to be done for this type of tree, including not watering it.

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Cedar trees that are grown need very little care and maintenance. There should be about 2 inches of mulch around the perimeter of the tree, but not touching the actual trunk of the tree. This helps to protect the tree and keep it from losing too much moisture. A wire cage can be placed around the mulch so it is not disturbed.

When growing a young cedar tree, cover it with landscape fabric during the cold seasons. This protects it from harm from snow and ice. Young and small cedar trees need to be watered regularly, but only after it has dried out after each watering session. The only cedar trees that need fertilizer are ones with soil that is unhealthy. Some common problems with cedar trees include diseased and infested trees, dead tree branches, and pests like mites and cypress tip moth. Regular pest control on the tree is also recommended.

Cedar trees are a type of evergreen tree that belongs to the pine tree family. It provides fragrance and ornamental design to any landscape. Cedar trees reach 98-131 feet in height and are approximately 8 feet in diameter. Long and short shoots are produced by the trees.

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