How Do You Care for a Canada Red Chokecherry Tree?


Care for a Canadian red chokecherry tree by planting it in a good location, watering it thoroughly and pruning it. This takes years of dedicated care. You need water, pruning shears, Captan spray, lime sulfur and fungicide.

  1. Plant the tree in a good location

    Because this tree is sensitive to the sun, choose a location for your tree that has part shade. Protect the southwest side of the tree with reflective paper, other trees, walls or barriers of some kind.

  2. Water it thoroughly

    Make sure that your chokecherry tree gets plenty of water. It needs 15 inches per year.

  3. Ensure that the tree remains free from disease

    Treat any disease that the tree develops. If the tree gets cankers and brown rot, spray the affected areas with Captan spray. If black knot disease develops, which manifests as black swellings, treat the tree with lime sulfur and fungicide. During the winter, cover the tree with dormant oil, which impedes possible prairie tent caterpillar infestations.

  4. Prune the tree

    Prune the tree regularly using pruning shears. Remove suckers as soon as possible because they tend to be invasive and take nutrients from the tree. During the winter, trim damaged and broken limbs. Prune any diseased limbs.