How Do You Care for CAMBRIA Natural Stone Counters?


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To care for Cambria natural stone counters, wash them with a soft cloth and water. Avoid exposing Cambria to abrasive cleaners, harsh chemicals or extreme heat, and prevent objects from hitting the edges of the counters. Never apply sealers, topical treatments or penetrants to Cambria counters.

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It is safe to clean Cambria counters with mild soap, if desired, but do not use harsh or abrasive scrub pads. Avoid using strong acid, alkaline, free radical or oxidizing cleaners, such as bleach, oven cleaners, scouring cleansers, batteries or paint removers. Additional damaging substances are silver cleaners, furniture strippers and tarnish removers. Topical treatments, sealers and penetrants cause gloss to appear dull and inconsistent with wear.

Cambria is natural quartz, so the direct transfer of heat from cooking units, rapid changes in temperature, and direct or sustained heating on the top can cause damage. The company recommends using a trivet or heating pad under pots, pans and cooking appliances, such as roasters, electric frying pans, slow cookers and heat lamps. Cambria is durable, but it is not scratch-proof or chip-proof, especially on and around the edges near sinks and dishwashers.

Variations in color, pattern, size, shape and shade occur naturally in the product. Color blotches in designs are intentional, and they enhance the natural beauty of the product. Cambria is not seamless, and visible seams may show product pattern and color changes.

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