How Do You Care for Calibrachoa Million Bells?


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Calibrachoa million bells have tiny, petunia-like blooms. They are a trailing flower and are perfect for hanging baskets. The only items needed to care for them are peat moss, fertilizer, mulch and a planter.

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How Do You Care for Calibrachoa Million Bells?
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  1. Plant after the last frost

    Calibrachoa prefers acidic soil. Add peat moss to the soil before planting to increase the acidity. Apply 1 inch of mulch around the plant to conserve moisture. Replace the mulch as it decomposes. Fertilize with a slow-release fertilizer.

  2. Water sparingly, and fertilize once a month

    Calibrachoa tends to rot in soggy soil and is extremely tolerant to drought. Water the plant once a week, increasing to twice a week in extremely hot weather. Apply a 20-10-20 fertilize once a month, watering immediately afterward.

  3. Trim in midsummer

    Trim back foliage in midsummer to increase blooms. This plant is very tolerant of pruning and produces new growth very quickly.

  4. Bring calibrachoa inside before the first frost

    Though calibrachoa can remain outdoors in U.S. Department of Agriculture planting zones 9 through 11, in other areas of the country it must be brought indoors during the winter. Bring calibrachoa inside before the first frost, keeping it in a warm, stable environment until it can be replanted outside in the spring.

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