How Do You Take Care of a Cactus?

How Do You Take Care of a Cactus?

Cacti require water, light and proper soil, just like any other plant. Cacti require watering at least once a week, adequate soil and fertilizer, and medium-intensity light.

Cacti survive in tough, dry conditions, such as deserts, so many people assume that they do not need water. Although cacti can survive in the driest of circumstances, this does not mean that it is best for the plant’s health. When growing, cacti need water and fertilization at least once a week. When watering a cactus plant, make sure that the soil is saturated but not over-watered. Over-watering can destroy a cactus.

Different species of cacti require different amounts of light. Most cacti enjoy bright light, but heavy sunlight can be detrimental to the plant’s overall health. Extremely sunny or hot environments can cause the cactus to burn.

Cacti can flourish in various types of soil and potting, varying by species. Most cacti owners have found plastic and ceramic pots to be the most successful.

With any plant, owners need to ensure that the plant is not overrun by pests. Aphids, snails, slugs and mealy bugs are some common predators. Planter must monitor the plant often for these invaders, intervening with a pesticide or repellent when necessary.