How Do I Take Care of a Cabbage Plant?


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In order to take care of a cabbage plant, a gardener needs to mulch and fertilize it, water it regularly, remove weeds and get rid of cabbageworms. Cabbageworms, if unchecked, eat through the leaves and destroy the plant.

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How Do I Take Care of a Cabbage Plant?
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According to the San Francisco Chronicle, properly watering a cabbage plant is a crucial component of care because it requires between 1 and 2 inches of moisture a week. A gardener needs to provide this water on a regular basis. If the plant gets too much moisture, the head grows too quickly and splits, especially if it has gone through a period without water.

Once the cabbage plant has reached 5 inches tall, the whole crop needs to be thinned so that there are up to 2 feet between plants. A cabbage plant needs to be mulched in order to keep the soil moist and provide it with nutrients. The best mulch is a mixture of organic material, such as compost, leaves and manure.

Fertilizer shouldn't be added until the cabbage heads begin grow, and it needs to be water-soluble. Organic fertilizer, such as fish emulsion, is preferable. While weeding is important, gardeners need to exercise caution and weed only by hand. Weeding with a hoe tends to disturb the cabbage roots.

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