How Do You Care for Burning Bushes?


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Burning bushes require pruning to retain the desired size and an occasional application of a horticultural oil, insecticidal soap or insecticides to treat pests. These maintenance tasks take less than an hour to complete and require the use of pruning shears.

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  1. Remove any unhealthy branches

    Inspect the plant for broken, dead or diseased branches. Use the pruning shears to remove these branches, and dispose of them promptly.

  2. Shape or rejuvenate the plant

    Visualize the shape you wish the plant to take, and cut any branches that fall outside the lines of this shape. The top of the bush should be narrower than the bottom to allow light to reach all of the leaves. Complete this pruning in the winter when the bush is dormant. If you wish to completely rejuvenate the plant, prune the branches in the early spring before the leaves begin to come out.

  3. Thin out the bush

    Open up the interior of the plant by thinning out any branches that are crossing each other. This will allow for more air circulation.

  4. Treat the bush for pests

    Burning bushes are vulnerable to cankers, fungal spots and powdery mildew, which can often be caused by weather stressors. Apply a horticultural oil or insecticides during severe outbreaks.

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