How Do You Care for a Bottlebrush Plant?

Caring for a bottlebrush plant involves watering it properly, trimming and pruning the branches and shoots and adding the right fertilizer. The bottlebrush plant is an evergreen shrub that thrives in the desert. It is resistant to drought and low-maintenance when it comes to water.

The bottlebrush plant requires little water. It needs to be well-watered once a week during its growing season. It also needs to be watered more during hotter periods. Gardeners need to reduce watering drastically when the plant blooms. A drip system is the preferable watering method for the bottlebrush.

Trimming and pruning are two other important aspects of bottlebrush care. Although these plants do not grow much over 2 feet high, the shoots need to be trimmed off regularly. The branches also need to be pruned and shaped during the autumn after the plant flowers.

Some bottlebrush plants develop chlorosis, which occurs when the leaves do not produce enough chlorophyll. Chlorosis is usually a result of iron deficiency or insufficient sunlight. It causes the leaves to turn yellow. In order to treat this condition, a gardener needs to treat the leaves with a mix of ferrous sulfate, water and dish detergent. This process needs to be repeated until new green foliage starts to grow.