How Do I Care for a Bonsai Tree?

How Do I Care for a Bonsai Tree?

Care for a bonsai tree by watering it regularly, giving it balanced light, fertilizing it, pruning it and repotting it every two years. You need gravel, potting soil, fertilizer and pruning scissors.

  1. Water the bonsai tree

    Water the bonsai tree once a day or twice a day during summer. The soil needs to remain moist at all times. Use rainwater when possible.

  2. Expose the plant to balanced light

    Expose all sides of the tree to the same amounts of light by turning it on a daily basis. This helps the tree to grow evenly.

  3. Fertilize the tree

    Feed the bonsai a liquid, powder or granular fertilizer on a regular basis.

  4. Prune and shape the tree

    Prune and wire the branches of your tree so it conforms to the shape you want. The five basic shapes include the formal upright with a straight trunk, the informal upright with a curved trunk, a windswept or slanted trunk, a half-cascade and a full cascade, both of which drape over the lip of the container.

  5. Repot the bonsai

    Repot your bonsai tree every two years while the plant is dormant. After you remove it from the pot, prune away any damaged or dead roots and trim away one-third to two-thirds of the roots. Refill the same pot with fresh gravel and soil, and return the plant to it.