How Do You Take Care of a Bonsai Tree?


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Bonsai trees are easily maintained with thorough watering, fertilization and basic pruning. Place the bonsai tree in an area of the home, indoors or outdoors, that receives direct sunlight.

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Monitor the soil in the planter for dryness. Most species of bonsai tree require that the soil is kept damp, not dry. When the soil shows signs of dryness, water the bonsai tree thoroughly, fully saturating the entire root system. The tree is thoroughly watered when water runs from the drainage holes in the bottom of the planter. When possible, water the bonsai tree with collected rain water that is free of chemicals. Otherwise, common tap water is acceptable.

Regular fertilization is necessary due to the small, potted environment. Specific bonsai tree fertilizers are available, but any potted-plant fertilizer is sufficient. The package advises how often to apply fertilizer and how to apply the fertilizer to the soil of the bonsai tree.

Branch pruning maintains the shape of the bonsai tree over time. First, remove branches that clutter the basic design of the tree. Then, specifically target any sticks that point straight down off of a branch. Take care not to overprune the tree, and pause regularly to step back and view the tree during pruning.

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