How Do You Care for a Blue Spruce Tree?

care-blue-spruce-tree Credit: bgfoto/E+/Getty Images

Minimal care is required for a blue spruce tree once it has been established. It requires more care during the first season, after it has been planted, but very little maintenance in succeeding years. During the first season, it should be watered regularly during the summer; after that, it only needs to be watered it if the weather turns dry.

Keeping a layer of mulch around the tree ensures that it does not become too dry. The mulch should be about 2 inches deep and extend just beyond the tree's branches. The mulch should not touch the tree trunk because it could cause rot.

The main issue for the blue spruce tree is white pine weevils. When white pine weevils live in a blue spruce tree, its needles turn dry and fall off. There is no cure for this problem. The only solution is to trim the dead branches, as this helps control the issue.

Blue spruce trees can also have problems with spider mites. They are too tiny to see, but easy to spot by the webs they leave in the tree. Spider mites can cause a blue spruce tree to become discolored. Other insects usually kill these mites, but incesticides often get rid of them.