How Do You Care for a Black Fig Tree?


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Grow Black Mission fig trees in an area that receives plenty of sunlight and is safe from windy winters. These trees can be grown in hardiness zones 8a through 11, and they thrive in arid summer climates and gentle, moist winters. Black Mission fig trees can be grown all year in containers, but fall is the best time to plant them in the ground.

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How Do You Care for a Black Fig Tree?
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Spread up to 2 inches of compost mulch around the tree, extending it as far as the farthest reaching branches. The tree should be thoroughly watered as soon as the soil underneath the mulch becomes dry to the touch. When the weather cools down and the plant matures, water the tree on a weekly or biweekly basis, depending on how cool it gets.

As long as the compost mulch is replenished on a monthly basis from spring until the tree is done producing fruit, fertilization is not needed. The tree can be pruned near the end of summer when the plant finishes producing fruit for the second time and all of the fruit is removed. Any dead or diseased plant matter should also be removed at this time. The tree is ready to be harvested when the figs come off with minimal effort, and mature trees generally only require a modest amount of pruning.

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