How Do You Care for Begonias?

How Do You Care for Begonias?

To care for begonias, provide partial to full shade, or bright indoor light. Water the plants consistently and fertilize once a month. Provide begonias with a larger container when the roots become bound, or divide the plant into two containers.

  1. Water

    Keep the soil moist but allow your begonias to dry between waterings. More frequent watering is required indoors during months when the air is dry from heat sources, or when the plants are outdoors in the sun. Make sure planters always have sufficient drainage so that roots do not rot from too much water.

  2. Fertilize

    For consistent blooms, fertilize once per month with a 10-10-10 plant fertilizer according to the package instructions. Do not over-fertilize, as this can burn the plant.

  3. Provide adequate light

    Grow begonias outdoors in partial shade or indoors with bright indirect light. A south-facing window provides the most consistent sun for houseplants, but any room in the house with access to daylight is sufficient.

  4. Replant the begonias

    Begonia plants stop growing if the roots become bound in the container. Move the plant to a larger container or divide the plant. To divide root-bound plants, gently remove the plant from the container, and carefully pull the roots apart. Return approximately half of the original plant to the container with fresh soil.