How Do You Care for Bamboo Plants?

How Do You Care for Bamboo Plants?

To care for bamboo plants, provide plenty of sunlight, acidic soil and adequate water. Use barriers to keep bamboo from overtaking outdoor gardens. With proper care, these plants offer an exotic look in the home or garden.

Bamboo thrives in light. One common problem with indoor plants is keeping them in a room with an inadequate amount of light. If indoor plants start to look unhealthy, move them to a sunny window to solve the problem. With outdoor plants, choose a setting that provides a minimum of five hours of sunlight per day.

Bamboo thrives in slightly acidic soil, regardless of where it is growing. For indoor plants, choose an acidic potting soil. For outdoor plants, add organic material to the soil. When leaves fall from the plant, leave them on the ground where they help to keep the soil in the right condition for best growth.

New bamboo plants require more water than established ones. Until the plants reach the height you desire, water them two times per week. Once they reach maturity, decrease the watering to once weekly.

Outdoor bamboo does so well that it often becomes a problem. Clumping bamboo does not spread as much as running bamboo, but both types form rhizomes and new plants. Contain the plants by establishing a barrier around the roots, or plant them in containers. Repot and divide bamboo in containers every two years to prevent plants from splitting the pots.