How Do You Take Care of a Bamboo Plant?


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Care for a bamboo plant by using pebbles to support the stems, watering the plant regularly, placing the plant in an area that receives plenty of heat and light and treating the plant for infestations. You need pebbles and water.

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  1. Support the stems with pebbles

    Place pebbles in the pot of the bamboo plant to support the stems. Any variety of pebbles or stones can be used.

  2. Water the plant regularly

    Water the plant regularly so that there is at least 1 inch of water at the bottom of the pot. When watering, use either distilled or bottled water. If you are using tap water, fill a separate container with water from the tap, and allow it to sit overnight before using it to water the plant. This period of time allows the chlorine found in tap water to evaporate.

  3. Change the water

    Empty the water from the pot, and refill it with fresh water once a week.

  4. Place the plant in a good location

    Place the plant in a location that receives plenty of indirect sunlight. The temperature needs to fall between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

  5. Treat the plant for infestations

    Keep an eye out for spider mite or aphid infestation, characterized by soft pear-shaped bodies or webbing on the plant's foliage. If you see an infestation, rinse the plant under cool water.

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