How Do You Care for an Azalea House Plant?


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Care for an azalea house plant by placing it in a location with indirect sunlight, keeping it at a moderate temperature and watering it regularly. Fertilize it every two weeks during the growing period, and repot it regularly.

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Plant an azalea in a clay pot with well-drained, peat-based potting soil. Place the pot in an east-facing or north-facing window where it can get six hours of filtered or indirect sunlight per day. Too much hot or direct sunlight can scorch the leaves. Keep the plant in an area where the temperature doesn't get any warmer than 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Water the plant regularly, as often as once a day depending on the dryness of the area. Mist the plant with water, or place it on a tray of wet pebbles to increase the humidity. If the leaves start to drop prematurely, increase the water. Keep the drainage dish of the pot empty to prevent the roots from sitting in the water and developing rot. If this occurs, the leaves usually turn brown.

Feed the azalea twice a month using a acidic-based fertilizer or add a little vinegar to the water. Clip off any faded flowers. Every few years, repot the plant in a bigger container.

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