How Do You Care for Asiatic Lilies?

How Do You Care for Asiatic Lilies?

Care for Asiatic lilies by ensuring they get enough sunlight, using well-drained soil, adding mulch, watering them regularly, deadheading the blooms and winterizing the plants. You need compost, fertilizer, mulch, water and pruning scissors.

  1. Choose a good location

    Choose a location for the Asiatic lilies that provides plenty of direct sunlight.

  2. Use well-drained soil

    Use soil that is well-drained with a 6.5 pH. Amend the soil with compost or manure to increase the richness and improve drainage.

  3. Add mulch

    Add a layer of mulch to the base of the lily plants to keep the soil cool and moist.

  4. Water the lilies

    Give the lilies up to 2 inches of water per week and more during dry or hot weather. The soil 1 inch below the surface needs to feel dry before you water them.

  5. Deadhead the blooms

    Once the petals on the flowers start to drop, snip off the blooms with a pair of pruning scissors. Once the foliage starts to wither in the fall, it can be pruned to the ground.

  6. Winterize the plants

    Once the plant has been pruned down, add 5-10-10 fertilizer in a circle around the plant. Place a 4-inch layer of straw mulch over the plant to protect the bulbs from the cold.