How Do You Care for an Aristocrat Pear Tree?

The aristocrat pear tree is characterized by its vibrant green leaves, breathtaking flowers and delicious fruit. To grow and care for this tree, you need to follow a few tips and acquire well-drained soil, pruning tools and spacers.

  1. Place the tree in a suitable location

    Plant your pear tree in a good location, taking into account that it needs full sun and plenty of space to grow. Make sure that the tree has plenty of access to well-drained soil. When planning the location, keep in mind that the blossoms give off an unpleasant odor.

  2. Plant it at the right time

    Plant the pear tree in the fall. This way, the roots have time to overcome the shock of transplantation and grow before winter sets in. Only plant smaller trees during the spring.

  3. Water adequately

    Give the tree plenty of water during the summer, especially if it's young.

  4. Prune the tree

    Start pruning right away. The pear trees grows rapidly, and its branches are weak and susceptible to disease, which means that trimming branches is necessary to preventing damage. Prune away all but three or four major branches, making sure 16 inches separate them. Place spacers between the limbs. Only lightly prune the top of the tree.