How Do I Care for an Areca Palm?


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According to Gardening Know How, an important factor in growing healthy areca palm trees indoors is providing sufficient sunlight. They grow best from a south or west-facing window that provides bright, indirect light.

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How Do I Care for an Areca Palm?
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Areca palms are large plants with feathery, arching fronts with up to 100 leaflets. Water your areca palms regularly to maintain slightly moist soil in spring and summer; however, let the soil dry a little between waterings in fall and winter. Use a time-release fertilizer in spring, as it is a good source of nutrients for the whole season. Use a commercial spray in summer, preferably a liquid houseplant fertilizer containing micronutrients. Check the product's label to ensure that it is safe for foliar feedings, and follow the instructions to dilute the fertilizer. Areca palm houseplants do not need fertilizers in fall and winter.

Repot your palm plants every two to three years, and use a palm potting soil or a general purpose mix with some sand. Repotting helps replace the nutrients in old potting soil and gets rid of fertilizer salt deposits that accumulate in the soil and on the side of the pot. Put the plants in a tight container, as crowded roots help control the plant's size. Be sure to plant the palm at the same depth as in the previous pot.

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