How Do You Care for an Arabian Jasmine Plant?

care-arabian-jasmine-plant Credit: vanxarp/CC-BY-2.0

Taking care of an Arabian jasmine plant requires choosing a prime area for planting, watering regularly, binding the stems, and adding mulch and fertilizer. The fertilizer type should be 10-10-10, and pruning shears are necessary to properly maintain the plant. Support structures are needed to bind the stems.

  1. Choose a good location

    Plant the Arabian jasmine in a location that has well-drained soil and partial or direct sunlight. Use organic compost when planting to nurture the soil.

  2. Water the plant

    Add water to the plant at soil level regularly during the growing season. The soil should be moist but not very wet.

  3. Bind the stems

    Tie the stems to the supports to stop the branches from damaging the flowers.

  4. Add mulch and fertilizer

    Spread mulch around the base to soak up excess moisture. Add the fertilizer to the plant each month throughout the spring and fall. Water the plant again after applying the fertilizer to help the plant absorb the nutrients.

  5. Prune the plant

    Prune the plant after the flowering season to remove decaying blooms.

  6. Propagate the plant

    Cut away 3-inch hardwood cuttings, and place the cut end in sand with an even mixture of vermiculite and peat moss. The vermiculite should be slightly damp. Place the cuttings in a 3-inch pot when the roots are fully developed in four weeks.