How Do You Care for an Anthurium Houseplant?


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Anthurium plants are best cared for by giving them a lot of warmth and a lot of humidity. Because of this, they are challenging to grow as houseplants, whether they are grown for their flowers or their foliage.

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The anthurium needs bright but indirect light, and should not be placed in direct light, save in the winter. It needs moist but not wet soil. It should not be allowed to dry out for too long. The plant also needs misting, especially as it puts forth aerial roots. The plant also needs to be kept at temperatures at 60 degrees Fahrenheit or higher if it is to maintain maximum health.

The plant also does best in rich, coarse soil. Some experts recommend perlite mixed with peat moss and pine bark. The aerial roots should be pushed into the soil. The plant needs to be fed with liquid fertilizer while it is growing and pellets in the spring. It is propagated by division and through cuttings. The aerial roots can be cut off and transplanted to new pots.

The anthurium benefits from being repotted once a year or so, and experts recommend that the roots fill the pot before the plant is repotted. Anthuriums grown for their foliage also need to be trellised or supported. Insecticidal soap protects the plant from pests such as aphids and mealybugs.

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