How Do I Take Care of an Anthurium?

How Do I Take Care of an Anthurium?

How Do I Take Care of an Anthurium?

Anthuriums are tropical plants capable of producing beautiful flowers year-round. To care for one, you need moisture control potting soil, orchid potting mix, a clay pot, gravel or pebbles, a tray, a sprayer and water soluble fertilizer.

  1. Choose a location

    An anthurium plant needs as much sunlight as possible without getting direct sun. The temperature needs to be 70 to 85 F. It doesn't tolerate frost and cannot live in temperatures below 55 F or above 90 F.

  2. Prepare a suitable environment

    A clay pot aids drainage and lets the roots breathe. Plant the anthurium in a mix of moisture control potting soil and orchid potting mix. Cover the bottom of a shallow tray with gravel or pebbles, and fill the tray halfway with water. Place the pot on top, but do not allow the bottom of the pot to come in contact with the water. The water in the tray helps to humidify the plant.

  3. Water and fertilize the anthurium

    Keep the surface soil moist, but do not over-water because this may damage the roots and cause the leaves to turn yellow. To enhance humidity, mist the plant daily. Use a light fertilizer solution diluted to one-quarter strength once a week.

  4. Prevent pests and disease

    The best way to prevent pests and disease is to periodically spray the leaves and gently wipe the upper and lower sides. Watch for aphids and other pests, and treat the plants by wiping with insecticidal soap.