How Do You Care for an Aloe Plant?

Care for an aloe vera plant by planting it in well-drained soil, placing it in a good location, providing adequate water, fertilizing the plant, pruning the offsets, and repotting the plant as necessary. You need potting mix, a pot, fertilizer and pruning scissors.

  1. Plant the aloe

    Plant the aloe vera plant in a pot that contains drainage holes. Fill the pot with well-drained potting mix that contains soil and a drainage material, such as sand. Place the aloe plant in the soil.

  2. Place it in a good location

    Place the plant in a location that receives plenty of direct or indirect sunlight. For instance, a west-facing or south-facing window is a good location. Turn the pot every week so the entire plant is exposed to sunlight.

  3. Water the plant

    When the soil is dry, water the plant well until moisture seeps from the drainage holes. Empty the drainage tray to keep the excess moisture from rotting the roots.

  4. Fertilize the plant

    Once every spring, fertilize the plant with a diluted 10-40-10 liquid fertilizer.

  5. Prune the offsets

    Once plantlets or offsets start to grow at the base of the plant, remove them. They can be used to grow more aloe plants if desired.

  6. Repot the plant

    Repot the aloe vera plant once it nearly reaches the edge of the pot.