How Do You Care for an Aleppo Pine Tree?


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Care for your Aleppo pine tree through a simple process of watering, mulching and raking. You need organic mulch, a rake and a garden hose.

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  1. Choose a good location

    Place your Aleppo pine tree in a location where it can get full or partial sunlight. It needs plenty of space to spread and grow out.

  2. Water the tree

    Water the tree at least twice a month during hot weather by using a garden hose. Young trees especially need plenty of water because they grow quickly. If your tree is dropping pine needles, give it more water. Avoid watering during winter.

  3. Mulch the tree

    Make your own organic mulch using leaves, dried grass clippings and pine straw. Spread it around the base of the tree in a layer that is at least 2 inches thick. Make sure to keep a 6-inch perimeter between the mulch and the trunk of the tree to prevent rot. Extend the mulch just beyond the drip line of the branches. Mulch keeps the soil moist and nutrient-rich.

  4. Rake the needles

    Rake the tree's fallen needles for your compost pile or keep them as a natural mulch for the tree. The needles slowly break down and add nutrients to the soil.

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