How Do You Care for an Alberta Spruce Tree?

To care for an Alberta spruce, plant the tree in full sun to partial shade, as these trees grow best in cool temperatures. If the tree is in a container, harden the tree off and transplant it to the garden as soon as possible. Soak the root ball with water on a regular schedule until the first frost of the season, and inspect the tree for pests, particularly spider mites, if the needles are discolored.

Before transplanting, leave the tree in its container, and place it outdoors in a location with full morning sun and evening shade. After the tree is hardened off, dig a hole that is large enough for the root ball and replace one-third of the soil with compost.

Fill the hole with the soil and compost mixture, and cover the base of the tree with a layer of shredded bark. Water the tree with a soaker hose, allowing the water to reach the depth of the root ball. When growing Alberta spruce trees in a container, water the tree when the top 3 inches of soil is dry.

When planting Alberta spruce trees in cold climates, plant the tree on the western or eastern side of the home to protect it from wind damage. If patches of red or brown needles develop on the spruce, inspect it for spider mites. Remove spider mites with insecticidal soap.