How Do You Care for Air Plants?


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It's important that air plants get plenty of air circulation. Air plants thrive in warm climates, and they should never be kept in an area below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit is an ideal temperature. Although they prefer humidity and warmth, direct sunlight can be harmful.

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Air plants that normally grow on the ground should be grown indoors with indirect sunlight or a filtered bright light. Air plants that typically grow on trees in the wild require a shady, moist climate. In Zone 9 and warmer areas, air plants can grow all year as long as care is taken to protect the plant from wetness.

Air plants should be thoroughly misted between two and four times per week. In arid areas, mist the plant daily, saturating it entirely. On a monthly basis, fertilize the plant with a liquid fertilizer with low copper levels. Dilute the fertilizer to one-quarter of its original strength. Too much fertilizer and too little water are the easiest ways to harm air plants, so proceed carefully.

Mount air plants to a substrate that doesn't retain liquids, such as slate, driftwood, rocks or shells. Coral, cork or stone can be used for support. Moss can be added, but don't suffocate the plant.

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