How to You Care for African Violets?

How to You Care for African Violets?

How to You Care for African Violets?

Care for African violets by placing them in a warm, humid location, using porous potting soil, watering them regularly and transplanting them as needed. You need porous potting soil, water and flower pots.

  1. Place the plant in a warm location

    Place the African violets in a warm location with indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight burns the leaves, and dim areas cause the leaves to curl. South- or east-facing windows are ideal locations for African violets.

  2. Keep the environment humid

    Increase the humidity of the plant's environment by placing the pot in a container filled with wet pebbles or water. Keep the plant away from heaters or fans.

  3. Use porous potting soil

    Plant the African violets with potting soil rich in peat moss and perlite.

  4. Water the plant regularly

    Water the plant regularly so that the soil is always moist. Fill the container of gravel or pebbles with water, and place the pot in the container. Let the plant soak in the water for a time before draining most of the water out of the pebble container. Avoid splashing the leaves with water as this can leave spots.

  5. Transplant the African violets as needed

    Transplant the African violets into a larger pot once the leaf spread is more than one-third the diameter of the pot.