Where Can You Find a Wire Gauge Amp Chart?


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Cerro Wire, a manufacturer of copper electrical building wire, provides a wire size and amp ratings chart on its website. On the chart, Cerro identifies the maximum amp load for both copper and aluminum wire of varying wire gauge sizes.

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An ampere, or amp, is a measure of electrical charge passing through a circuit. The correct wire size is necessary to prevent overheating of the electrical wire. For example, standard residential electrical outlets support 20 amps of current, and this setup requires 12-gauge NM-B copper wire. Most lighting circuits only require 15 amps of current and call for 14-gauge NM-B wire.

Adding together the wattage of all electrical devices on an individual circuit and then dividing by the circuit's voltage amount – either 110 or 120 volts – calculates total amperage.

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